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Fastron Inductors

Passion for more versatile electric mobility

Founded in 1978 and originating from Germany, this company leverages its combined expertise in the electronics industry to design, manufacture, and market high-quality radio frequency and power inductors, production of metal casings, precision enclosure assemblies, and electromechanical assemblies—all under IATF 16949, ISO 9001, and ISO 14001 certifications.

They serve a broad range of industries, requirements, and requests, making the company a flexible choice to meet customer demand for various related products. They also have other divisions that offer the production capacity for carbon brush systems in the automotive sector.

With over 1000 employees, this multinational group operates in design and manufacturing facilities in Germany, Malaysia, Hungary, and the USA. Additionally, since 2015, as part of the Fastron Group, the company includes Rapid Biomedical GmbH in Germany, specializing in the market for the design and manufacturing of custom-made coils for magnetic resonance imaging scanners.

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Chip Inductors

Protects signal paths from various disturbances

Toroid Inductors

Iron and powder core capable of carrying high currents

Power Inductors

Power management and space-saving in circuits

Plugable Inductors

High inductance for elevated currents and voltages

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