Icompplus Electronics S.L. has a commitment to quality that encompasses every aspect of the business, from the quality of the product supplied to the technical and after-sales service.


We are dedicated to the marketing and distribution of products for manufacturers, assemblers, repair shops, military sector, aerospace sector, etc. We understand that quality of service is a customer's right and for this reason we have established a Management Model and implemented a Quality Policy which is specified in the following points:


1.  Orienting the company's activities and decisions towards understanding and meeting the needs and expectations of our stakeholders.


2.  Compliance with legal, regulatory and technical requirements.


3.  Inform the customer as far in advance as possible of any incidents that may occur during the provision of the service in order to minimise their impact.


4.  To ensure the quality of all activities in order to guarantee the services provided to customers.


5.  Promote the autonomy, initiative and training of employees so that they can contribute more effectively to the achievement of the company's objectives, analysing the skills required for each position.


6.  Involve our employees by facilitating the expression of new ideas and suggestions to achieve Continuous Improvement.


7.  The Management and staff of this company share and understand this management system as a way of working in each and every one of their activities.


8.  PackagingAll electronic components must be properly packed in their ESD bags:


a.  DIP FormatThey must always be in tubes.

b.  SMD FormatThey should always be on a roll/tape, never loose.

c.  Each batch of product has its own label showing the date, manufacturer, reference and description.


We use this Quality Policy to inform our suppliers that they will be continuously monitored and evaluated by the Quality/Purchasing Department.


This monitoring is based on the number of Non-Conformities produced during the year in the total of the supplies and/or services provided to ICOMPLUS, informing the supplier when its status as a supplier is in question.


This quality policy is available to interested parties. It has been communicated to all employees and is understood, implemented and kept up to date at all levels of the organisation, and its effectiveness and compliance are regularly monitored to ensure its relevance to market needs and to maintain its suitability and efficiency.


Management believes it is important to further diversify the product range and internationalise the business. In order to achieve its objectives, it sets specific annual targets for each area of the company, defines responsibilities for their achievement, establishes criteria for action and allocates the necessary resources to achieve the quality objectives.


5 October 2021

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