Electronics Clean Room

With today's systems, qualified personnel and transparency in all procedures, we can guarantee the necessary satisfaction and requirements.

We recognise that a good system of records is essential to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Growing in this area makes us more versatile.

All this, together with the ISO 8 certified warehouse and clean room with important quality points, is a plus for our team to maintain a proper line and comply with established standards.

The use of appropriate clothing is essential when entering rooms with ESD monitoring equipment, temperature and humidity equipment, filtration systems and SAS pass-through equipment to ensure the correct transfer of parts.

We then carry out a series of internal processes that are essential to the definition of our philosophy, such as visual checks using powerful microscopes, preventive and careful handling of each component, originality checks, image comparisons, solvent resistance tests, final checks... and external processes such as solderability tests and component checks using X-rays.

The development of such protocols helps us to evolve and improve our performance and demonstrate high levels of service quality. All under ISO 9001 and EN 9120 certification to ensure a seamless experience.

Our Commitments

Quality related to the process of inspection and maintenance of components


Appropriate clothing for EPA areas prevents electrostatic damage to sensitive equipment.


Check the level of electrostatic discharge by combining appropriate wristbands, footwear and gowns.


Climate control and humidification are responsible for the proper preservation of the material.


With simultaneous door-opening locking mechanisms, they ensure the transfer of objects.


Advanced design with ESD coating, built-in ventilation and non-stop drying.


Stored in antistatic materials for complete, reliable and long-lasting preservation.

Internal Processes

We receive the material and carry out an initial visual inspection, quantity and reference of the parts.

We carry out careful preventive handling for each and every electronic component.

We inspect the sideburns and check for originality using tools and microscopes.

We check component images against our archive to avoid counterfeits.

After the processes have been carried out, a second inspection is carried out to ensure final verification.

External Processes


In conjunction with various external companies, accurate weldability tests are carried out to determine the weldability of surfaces to be joined to another surface.


X-ray detection of defects and flaws in the internal layers of the component, which are not visible in the process, thanks to major companies with advanced systems in this field.

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